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This wiki is dedicated to the lore and mechanics of the universe described in the up and coming Nightmare Fuel novel series. Anyone looking to be an author within said world, feel free to discuss, create, and perfect any and all ideas, equipment, races, and history for the setting.

Nightmare FuelEdit

The title may be a bit of a pun, but there IS a reason for the title.

The Nightmare Fuel novels will be an epic tale of heroes from all wlaks of life pitted against a force of evil beyond comprehension.  Unlike most simmilar stories, however, our goal is to make a tale so tightly woven, mindbogglingly epic, and of that PERFECT blend of Sexy-as-hell, intensely hilarious, insanely epic, and pants-shittingly terrifying, that the world we've created within the novels will call out to other writers and creators, both beginners and professionals, to weave and create their own grand tales within our world.

The purpose of this wiki is, essentially, a repository and refinery of lore, backstory, and characters for the setting.

Be forewarned that, as to be expected, some of the entries and images used may be a bit too racy for your mothers to look at, or too frightening for small children, so please don't ggo progressing further unless you are at least 18 years of age and your parents aren't watching over your shoulder.  We don't want you guys getting in trouble or losing sleep.

Also, please note that while we will be displaying only solid facts as opposed to uesses and hearsay within this wiki, gags, jokes, and silliness abounds in certain comdy-focussed entries.  So if an entry is stated to be comedic in nature, be wary of gags and/or silliness.

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