Image of Miss Titanna in her preferred relaxation attire.

Last known living Hawaiian DaiRyu, elite Arcane Pugilist, and waitress at DD's Diner in Central City.  Titanna Molokai Malcolm seems like your usual DaiRu hiding amongst humans, but there's more to this buxom seabeastess than meets the eye.

Titanna Molokai Malcolm
Got K Girls by SonGoharotto
Artistic Renderig of Miss Titanna's face.
Vital statistics
Position Waitress by Day, Heroine for Hire by Night
Age 95 years
Status Dating Jesse James Malcolm
Physical attributes
Height Disguised: 6'3", Really 316 Feet
Weight Disguised: 485 lbs, Really 31,000 Tons

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As with many of the DaiRyu, there exists a wide array of photography and fanart of Titanna out there on the internet. Shown here are some of the choice pieces.


  • Titanna wearing a playboy bunny outfit for unknown reasons.
  • Titanna's standard attire.
  • Piurate Costume, from halloween.
  • Image of a human-sized, yet undisguised Titanna in her standard work uniform.
  • ....apaprently she's a registerred nurse, too....
  • Titanna's standard combat attire, consisting of a durable sharkskin two-piece and strategically placed chainmaile, plus rustproof titanium gloves.
  • Yes, Titanna has a parka. Move along, folks.
  • Titanna Feet by Darksora501
  • Titanna Toes by gear25